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  3. I realize that at times videos may not work, documents may not open and things may not go the right way.  Catie Harris and her team will fix any broken links, videos, recordings or documents that are used for training within 10 days of notification of a failure.
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Finally - A Step By Step Guide For Nurses Who Want To Start A Business

This Stage 2 Course Is For Nurses Looking To Start A Business While Removing The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding Them Back

Here's just a fraction of what you'll get:

  • Coaching to show you how to take an idea and create a 6-figure business
  • A supportive community of aspiring NursePreneurs
  • Mentoring and feedback on your ideas
  • A business that is 100% designed by you to impact your audience
  • Your business set up with all the systems in place
  • Preparation for Stage 3 - Mastermind

Plus you are getting these amazing bonuses as well:

  • Private Facebook group with contents, support and mentoring
  •  An opportunity to participate in Stage 3 Mastermind meetings with 6-figure NursePreneurs

We are so confident in our program, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.  Just complete the workbook and show us the work you did.  We'll refund your money. 

If you have questions, please email [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

“Catie Harris is an extraordinary woman, mentor, and knows what she is doing!! She has had an immense impact on my nursing career and still continues to. She has a gift and talent with helping others find their passion and helping them recognize their dreams. Her encouragement and insight has given me the strength to pursue my dreams and make them a reality! Catie Harris is the real deal.... If you want to follow your dreams, if you want to be happy in your nursing career...Catie will not only help you get there!! She will be there every step of the way. Thank you for all of your help and support Catie, your belief in me has made all the difference in the world I owe you so much....”

Aimee Walsh, MSN

“Catie is a dynamic mentor and coach, through her mentoring program she has taught me many insightful and successful ways to embark upon my dreams of being a business owner. Catie taught me how to push through the 'life happens' moments while supporting my areas for growth. Whether at the highest peak or the deepest valley, Catie has developed a tried and true method of becoming a nurseprenuer that planted a seed and has provided me with the ability to quit being afraid of success. It took meeting Catie to gain the business clarity I had been seeking for years. ”

Lori Kerley, DNP, RN

“"We literally went from lunch to launch in a couple months. I had been walking around with this idea for a business in my head.. but there was never enough time,enough money to get started.. But what it came down to just needing someone in my corner rooting me on and giving me step by step guidance. Catie is the best mentor that I didn't know I needed to ask for."”

Erin Klansek, RN