The Secret 6 Step Formula

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Imagine a world where you make more money as a nurse without taking on more shifts

Where your talents and skills are recognized, and richly rewarded and where you don’t have to take on more to make more

It’s time to say goodbye to:
Crazy + irregular schedules; unrealistic work demands and long, intense shifts


One day you love it all – the whirlwind of the hospital, the chaos and excitement of the next admission.


And then it becomes exhausting. Maybe it’s two, four, ten years later... you realize you’re stuck. There’s a ceiling.  Sure, you're doing more, BUT you're not earning more.


Not to mention you’ve got to deal with:

       Difficult personalities clashing left and right
       Heavier patient workloads (figuratively and literally)
       And being on your feet for 12 hours shifts standing is killing your back


There is Life Outside of the Hospital

I'm here to say you don't have to work more shifts to make more money. And in fact, you can create value and work from home using the knowledge you already have.

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, AGACNP, FNP, ANP

NursePreneur & Single Mom

Hi! I'm Catie...



I've been a nurse for over 20 years and I have done it all... From working on the wards to teaching in academics and even working in Corporate America.  


Despite my many degrees in nursing and business and all my experience, none of my various jobs gave me what I really wanted - a flexibility so I could spend time with my son, control over my life and the opportunity to make more money.  


I wasn't looking for much at first, just enough to bridge the gap so I didn't have to work extra shifts, or my 3rd job. 

I knew the only way to have flexibility, control and opportunity together would be to start my own business.  


I've spent the last decade building nursing businesses for myself and for friends and colleagues (coaching, consulting, courses, contracting, clinics) before creating NursePreneurs - a one of a kind business mastery program uniquely for nurses.


I have taken everything I have learned over the years and now use it exclusively to help nurses transform their nursing knowledge into creative, meaningful & profitable businesses even if they have no business skills or advanced degrees.


I now create value and work from home.

Enter NursePreneurs

And that's exactly what you can do - You can create value and work from home too.

You don't need to kill yourself with overtime, you just need to decide that more overtime isn't the pathway to success.  


If you are looking for a way to leverage your nursing knowledge, but don't know where to start, I help nurses:

Determine and define their nursing expertise

Come up with their own unique idea for a NursePreneur career

Earn more money without taking on more tiring shifts 

The difference between your life with more grinding shifts versus a passionate nursing career and business making a huge impact on healthcare, could be as simple as the right mentor.


Successful nurses and entrepreneurs aren't special or gifted.   They are mentored.


You can easily be taught the business skills you need to start any nursing business.

Step By Step

What if you could twirl everything you're passionate about into one career that’s custom-fitted to your unique strengths, interests and skill set?  

A NursePreneur career path is uniquely you.

The business part is easy.  The hard part is encouraging nurses to believe in themselves.

But here’s the truth: Nurses are a unique breed. And whether you realize it or not, your skills are wildly valuable in any setting.

Yep. You’re pretty amazing

Nurses are trained to be entrepreneurs

And that’s exactly why I’m super passionate about helping nurses just like you to define your expertise and deepen your confidence, so you can get out there and start making money with your skills.

You can take your ideas, knowledge, your expertise and your energy and create the most amazing Nursing Business. 

And no I don't mean start a nursing recruiting agency or a nursing home or even an NP run clinic. Those are fine but there are so many other options out there! 

What I mean is taking your nursing expertise and finding a niche that you can service.

  • Are you a diabetes nurse?  Develop programs for your patients.
  • Are you a pulmonary nurse?  Take your knowledge of discharge planning and create a program for patients in the transitional period to take home with them to prevent readmissions and encourage compliance.
  • Do you love cooking and nutrition?  Develop cooking classes, menus, programs, delivery services for patients with disease specific requirements.
  • Are you skilled at setting up programs already?  Teach other nurses how to do it.


I've helped nurses set up IV hydration clinics, coaching programs, online courses, simulation programs, medical writing companies, specialized review courses, create apps for diabetes patients, build out websites, provide consulting services, and more...


The idea or what you do isn't nearly as important as how you set it up.  And there is a sequential, foundational order that you need to do it in.  It's not rocket science, but the order of planning does need to be respected in EVERY single business model.


Once you have the foundation you can easily package and sell your knowledge of anything.  I want nurses to believe that it is their duty to reach as many people as they can - and that can only be done with a business.  It's a disservice to everyone who doesn't have access to your knowledge and expertise.

Nursing Is Limited Only By Your Imagination


Don't let anyone tell you that you can't have it all or it's not worth trying.